Shipping&Refund Policies


We offer FREE worldwide shipping on every order. All orders ship within 10-15 Business Days as we are a haute couture leather boutique. This means we hand make, create or purchase the merchandise once you place your order with us. We are not fast fashion. This entire process can take up to 15 days due to custom designs being made or purchased by our team of buyers once ordered. Please be patient. We offer items on our website for those wanting LEITREW products at a fraction of the price compared to our in store pricing on couture garments. By shopping online you not only get amazing prices, but you also get the chance to leather a runway brand that ships to you anywhere in the world! This is an opportunity you will not find in store.

Need your tracking number? Email us with your order number to



As all products are custom-made after the order, no refund can be made. No refunds, chargebacks or money returned for late or delayed orders.

Did your order have additional fees due to customs? We apologize, but we do try to prepay all of these charges. If charges are still due, we do not refund or provide a credit. It will be the customers sole responsibility to receive their item and pay these charges to the carrier.